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    Q products are inventive multi-purpose solutions to friction, moisture, rust and protection problems of almost any kind. Renowned for lubrication, rust prevention, protection of industrial and household goods, and moisture displacement, these products act as supportive agents to any business or household. Q products also prevent the penetration of water and isolate electric currents against any surface, making it impossible for short circuits to occur even upon direct contact with water.


    Q products are known for their multi-functional attributes. The moisture repelling qualities of Q products are used for protecting ignition systems on cars, trucks, motorbikes, marine engines, guns and electric motors against moisture. Q20 products in particular are certified by the NATO.


    Each Q product delivers a set of functions that can truly be depended on and trusted, and that are not restricted to one use or purpose. Originating from South Africa, the Q brand has proven its effectiveness to the entire world and has succeeded in becoming a globally recognized brand name.


    Moreover, Q products act as multi-purpose cleaners that are safe, antiseptic and non abrasive to the skin. They are also known as one of the world’s most effective rust removal and prevention products. These multipurpose solutions are easy to use, effective and give guaranteed results, in addition to offering a wide variety of functions around homes, garages, workshops, offices and outdoor areas.



    Q Product Range:

    • Q-20- 300ml                  
    • Q4-45
    • Q12
    • Q22
    • Q4
    • Q30
    • Q90

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    Check and change your car oil regularly. Nothing will help an engine live longer more than regular oil and filter changes, just as nothing will damage an engine worse than neglecting oil-level checks and oil changes.