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    Sand is known to be one of the most damaging – and common – things to vehicle interiors and exteriors. It can cause scratches on car bodies, including paint, headlights and windshields, and can also gather in a vehicle’s grille and tire systems, causing blockages and deteriorating performance.


    Spray & Go provides an ultimate solution to protect a vehicle against the damages caused by sand. It is a transparent liquid material that, once sprayed on a surface, dries up and transforms into a highly protective plastic layer. Spray & Go leaves no residues and remains completely transparent and see-through on any surface it is applied on. It offers clear vision through glass and does not affect the luminosity of headlights in any way.


    Spray & Go provides protection in 3 easy steps; spray, dry and go! It can be effortlessly removed, either with water or simply by peeling it off by hand.

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    If you are one of those people whose car keychain is also their home and office keychain, you need to break that habit. Use a separate keychain for your car key because the weight, combined with the bouncing caused while you drive, can wear out the insides of your ignition and eventually lead to switch failure.