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    EXQ is an acronym for Excellent Quality and offers a wide range of polishing liquids, compounds and innovative products that exceed the highest standards of quality and efficiency. EXQ products give optimum polished results to vehicle surfaces and are very simple to use.


    EXQ compounds provide fast cutting action that ensures high gloss finishes to the surfaces they are used on. They are also designed to work on eliminating swirl marks and removing sanding residues, leaving surfaces polished and finely finished as though they were new.


    Sometimes used in vehicle production lines, EXQ coating products offer a protective solution that provides a brilliant high gloss finishing with long term protection. They are also preferred by most car service and car care centres for vehicle treatments after purchase. As for polishing pads, EXQ provides an array of products that make for a quick and easy one-step application that cleans, polishes and protects simultaneously.



    EXQ Product Range:

    • EXQ 400 Compound
    • EXQ 2500 Compound
    • EXQ 4500 Compound
    • EXQ 7000 Compound
    • EXQ Swirl Stripper Polish
    • EXQ Coat Expert
    • EXQ Polishing Backup Pad               
    • EXQ Wool Pad             
    • EXQ Sponge Pad (White)
    • EXQ Sponge Pad (Black)
    • EXQ Premium Microfiber Slim
    • EXQ Premium Microfiber Gold

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    Care Tip

    Align your car tires regularly. You can test the alignment yourself and determine whether you need to take your car to a professional and have it tested on the computer. Simply drive your car on a flat street and rest your hand on the steering wheel (for safety) without actually steering it for a few seconds. If the car veers in one direction and you need to manually keep it driving straight, then you need to make an alignment appointment with your mechanic or car care centre.